Are Coming Soon Signs Helpful or Harmful?


The Dallas real estate market is hot hot hot just like many other markets in the country.  Selling agents are putting “Coming Soon” signs up to create some excitement about their listing coming on the market.  In these competitive times it might do your listing more harm than good.

These early pre-sale alerts could attract lowball real estate investors and a buyer hoping to get in early before the market reveals its highest offer.  Sellers may be losing thousands of dollars by “Coming Soon” propositions.

The biggest hype on a property for sale comes during the first week or two the home makes its debut in the market and is published in MLS.  Agents from all over the city with prospective buyers are looking for new listings daily. Recently we saw two very similar houses sold that were across the street from one another. One house was given proper marketing, an open house, and listed on MLS.  The house across the street put a “Coming Soon” sign in the yard.  Guess which seller made a bigger profit?  The house listed with MLS sold for $40,000 more.

For top dollar offers on your valued property, find a local real estate agent that you like and that has a track record of proper representation.  Your home is one of the largest assets and investments you will ever transfer ownership of in your life.  Maximizing your profits.  by Malooley Barrera Real Estate Group


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